Friday, April 1, 2016

Urban Streams: five CUAHSI cyberseminars

As many knows, I teach Hydraulic Constructions, which means, in my case aqueducts and sewage systems. Recently, I tried to renovate my view on the latter topic by looking at recent directions and works on urban hydrology. In this phase of renovation, I found very useful the CUAHSI cyberseminars on Urban Streams which are available on youtube (also addressed by Dr. Anne Jefferson here).

Here below, please find the seminars.

Green infrastructure, groundwater and the sustainable city

Larry Band (GS, RG), Institute for the Environment at University of North Carolina

Watershed context and the evolution of urban streams
Derek Booth, Bren School of Environmental Management at UC Santa Barbara

The Little Stringybark Creek project
Tim Fletcher (GS), University of Melbourne

Contaminants of emerging concern as agents of ecological change in urban streams
Emma Rosi-Marshall (GS, RG), Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies and Baltimore Ecosystem Study

Stormwater-Stream Connectivity: Process, Context, and Tradeoffs
Anne Jefferson (GS, RG, blog), Kent State University

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