Thursday, June 25, 2015

Downscaling of climate projections and sources of uncertainties

This is (actually the second) seminar of the series of CLIMAWARE's.  The report of the first one will follow soon. The topic is: Observations and modelling of precipitation and the hydrological cycle: uncertainties and downscaling and is all about the local impacts of Climate Change.

These slides come to highlight the work of Jost von Hardenberg (GS), Elisa Palazzi (GS), Silvia Terzago and others in downscaling the projection of GCMs in order to obtain very local statistics of climate suitable to be applied, for instance, at the scale of river Adige or its main tributaries. One interesting strategy they follow is to use WRF,  i.e. a weather forecast models, to obtain such projections. We think to use their expertise to drive our hydrologic simulations in the project.

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