Friday, July 4, 2014

Cartoon guide to statistics

Since I am supporting the idea that Hydrologists should know very well statistics, it is with pleasure that I discovered in Rbloggers these two cartoon guides to statistics.

The first is the Cartoon guide to statistics by Gomick and Smith from which the figure above is an excerpt.

"Witty, pedagogical and comprehensive, this is the best book of the bunch! It provides a historical perspective and covers quite advanced topics such as confidence intervals, regression analysis and probability theory. The book contains a fair deal of mathematical notation but still manages to be accessible." MarkR

The second one is the Manga guide to statistics by Shin Takahashi and illustrated by Iroha Inoue.

"As opposed to the Cartoon Guide to Statistics the Manga Guide reads more like a standard comic book with panels and a story line. The story centers around the schoolgirl Rui who wants to learn statistics to impress the handsome Mr. Igarashi. To her rescue comes Mr. Yamamoto, a stats nerd with thick glasses. The story and the artwork is archetypal manga (including very stereotype gender roles) but if you can live with that it is a pretty fun story."MarkR

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