Friday, May 23, 2014

Stealing from Dennis Baldocchi ;-)

Dennis Baldocchi (GS) is one of the major contributors to studies of plant-atmosphere interactions.  Recently he also published a book on this topic, entitled Terrestrial Biosphere-Atmosphere Fluxes with Russell Monson (nice videos at his site).  I think the book is "must have" for hydrologists, even if after my first quick reading I realised that the approaches to some (more hydrological) topics perpetuate the "standard model" and interpretations of turbulence (but, it is a textbook!): full of up-todate-information  indeed^1.
 However, he also have the merit to put a lot of material in his group website, including slides and lectures. You can find them here:
Also available are some conferences talks which include videos. For instance:
  • Estimating Evaporation everywhere

  • Measuring and Interpreting Fluxes of Trace Gases Across Local and Global Networks:

^1 - Do not try to lear thermodynamics from here (look here instead). At least from chapter 2. Nothing especially wrong indeed, but very far from the clearness of my favorite books.

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