Monday, February 24, 2014

JGrass-NewAGE codes

Jgrass-NewAGE is going out from its infantry, and this is signed by its appearance in Github, where the code in development is going to be uploaded. The definitive repository for the code is the JGrasstools Github repository, however, since the requirement to fulfil the jgrasstools standards, were not followed during these first years of development, and because, at the same time, some of the functionalities required for the most recent components are not yet met by the actual version of the uDig Spatial Toolbox, we decided to open a series of new repositories receiving the code in development.
This step was decided also to boost the development of the documentation for the software, that is still kind of missing, at the moment. So here it is the list of the places where the main JGrass-NewAGE components can be found:

All the other components:
  • The Hymod component, 
  • The shortwave radiation component (by Giuseppe Formetta, starting from previous work by Daniele Andreis)
  • The snow water equivalent component (by Giuseppe Formetta)
  • The  evapotranspiration component (by Giuseppe Formetta)
can be found instead here, under the same general repository.

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