Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The "summer" School on Object Modelling System in Trento 2013

The "summer" school started yesterday.  All the material prepared by Olaf David, Gabriella Turek and Giuseppe Formetta is here (link no more available: but the link beow work) where you can find presentations and code.
If you are probably interested to OMS3 tools, you can probably start with the 2016 Summer School Material now.

In day one there was a general overview of OMS and what it does, through the presentations of Olaf David (presentation here), Gabriella Turek  and Giuseppe Formetta (presentations here). The lectures and the video can be found here at the LODE site by Marco Ronchetti.

Monday lectures covered mostly an overview of the system, including:

In the second day we started to approach the concept of components and see some first example of components integration.

Third day starts with the Hello World example. Then continued with Two Component and Three Component.  After the coffee break we went into First Class Object Parameters. Next class examined was Conversion SPI for connecting components through some conversion of types. Bulk connect or how to get one component output for many component input.  At Name Alias substitutes long names component with shorter alias. Component logging to have a fine control on what you want to output, for instance in different phase of a projects. Simple Iteration for knowing how to iterate more time the execution of a command.

Fourth day is dedicated to applications. Giuseppe Formetta  talks about JGrasstools, JGrass-newAGE and the calibration algorithms embedded in it.

In the afternoon we give a look at the porting of the Sparrow program made by Gabriella Turek. Whilst in FORTRAN the program allows to understand how to integrate C/C++ legacy code.

2016 Summer school is here.

Enjoy !

P.S. - The complete series of posts on OMS3 can be found here.

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