Thursday, October 31, 2013

Clima Trentino (About Trentino Climate and adaptation to Climate Change)

I will use this page to collect all the material about Climate change impacts related to Water and Hydrology (and at relatively small scales) going towards the Fitfth Water Conference of the Alpine Convention (to be held in September 25-26 2014) which will cover this topic in detail.
I will start with the material (In Italian) of the meeting Clima: quale futuro per la Terra (Climate which future  form Earth) which I co-organized with Clima Trentino the recent October 21.
You will find two presentations the first a very nice introduction to climate change and adaptation by Antonio Navarra, and the second about the Italian strategy to Climate change adaptation by Sergio Castellari. Both of them of the  Center euro-Mediterranean for  Climate Change (CMCC).

The Italian National strategy was finally disclosed yesterday by the Italian Ministry of Environment,  Andrea Orlando, and can be found here.

Yesterday I also met Marcela Olmedo, an anthropologist who works on Adaptation of Climate Change and Water. She is the author of an interesting blog: and her woork on climate change adaptation can be found here.

The presentations and work of the Workshop on Climate Change Adaptation held in Brescia on October 10th, and organised by the Water Platform of the Alpine Convention, can instead be found here.

The seminar on the KultuRisk EU Project, held in Trento November the 5th by Paolo Ronco of University of Venice, can be accessed from here.

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