Thursday, September 19, 2013

Earth System Modelling Framework and Related Resources

Well, we pushed on OMS and Java. However, for FORTRANists (or FORTRANers ?) a very interesting and modern resources is the Earth Science Modelling Framework or (ESMF in short). This was due to a large effort by NOAA, UCAR and others. Learning it has an apparent steep learning curve.  In any case, either you use it or do not use it, it is certainly a term of reference. Especially for the tools and the concepts developed, independently from their actual implementation. Click on the image to get the sites.
I obviously knew the program since a lot of time. However, It was brought to my attention again in these days because I was looking for the models' run metadata implementation, which is now part of the Earth System Documentation effort. The general goal of the initiative can be found in this 2012 Fall AGU Meeting  presentation.

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