Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Object Modelling System Resources

As the readers know from previous posts we  (I and my collaborators and students) use OMS3 (and we will use even more in the future embedding in it all of our modelling efforts) in collaboration with OMS3 developer in chief Olaf David and others.  Any involvement with OMS must  start with browsing the OMS3 web site and the information available there (for instance, but not only, this).
For using it, first  download the console,  then read the installation notes, and read console FAQ (well we will provide a brief description of its use soon) which remain the main information about the tool.

However, during the BioMA summer school, Olaf, Jim Ascough, Jack Carlson and Giuseppe Formetta gave some further material, which finally you can find below.

Jgrasstools use OMS3 (even if a version older than 3.1) and one can find relevant information also browsing their site. 

Other examples of using OMS3 console and scripting will follow soon.

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