Saturday, May 25, 2019

The Hydrology Lab Class 2019

This is the lab class material for the 2019 Hydrology course of the University of Trento. Most of the material is in Italian. The more traditional part of lectures can be found at the following link.

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Used Software

There is no engineering without using models. During the class will be used various open source softwares and resources:
All these resources are free, besides being open. For installations requirements, please see the GEOframe winter school material here. For understanding a little more about this material, please look at "Getting started with Docker OMS and Jupyterlab" post.

Lab Classes and Lectures

Python resources for hydrologists

2019- 06-06  - Exercise with Python
2019 - 05-10  Lab Work on Precipitation extremes
2019-05 -19 - OMS and GEOframe
2019 -05-24  - Lab work on infiltration (Richards 1d)
2019-06 - 7&12&14  - Evaporation and transpiration
 This will be for another year -2D Richards simulations and runoff production:
  • Implementing a 2D simulation with Richards
  • Github
  • Other material and readings
  • Python notebooks
Go to the Lectures.

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