Friday, November 17, 2023

Some pills on what we do for agriculture droughts

 Just to introduce the debate about droughts simulation, agriculture, new technologies that can be used for improving agriculture. Below the presentation.

Just click on the Figure to see the presentation given at the Festival della Meteorologia 2023

Thursday, November 9, 2023

Java for Hydrologists 101

There are a few postings on Java in this blog. Since I want to teach it to my students, I am quietly starting to populate this page with presentations which, eventually, will constitute the core of an informal class (;-)) the Java for Hydrologsts 101. The first version of this blog dated back to more than 10 years ago and this gives the idea on how slow thing could go. The text presented here is at present the same but I am progressively modifying it. 

The primary aim of JfH-101 is not merely to impart basic Java knowledge, but to delve into topics and issues that align with my hydrologist experience. In collaboration with my colleagues and friends from GEOframes, we plan to cover not only Java, but also OMS3, and when appropriate, Geotools and Horton Machine (former JGrasstools). We won't overlook AntMavenGradleGiteither. Meanwhile, we'll address topics pertinent to object oriented programming

Programming is less about discussing theory and more about practical application. Therefore, many of our slides will prompt you to take action and apply what you've learned.

Various (overwhelming) material can be found at the Java for Hydrologist OSF repository The new video will be added to the Java 101 for hydrologists Vimeo Showcase.  Here below, you'll find all the material in a ordered form: 


0 - Getting Started (mostly things to read -or start to read- before the start) (Vimeo2023)

Old Topics

* -  A few diversions
* - Reading  data from the system's console
* - Reading data from a File

* - Working with Git
-----Not yet implemented: ----

* - Programming the heat diffusion equation
* - Making the heat diffusion an OMS3 components
* - Building Java projects with Ant, Maven and GRADLE
* - GEOtools essentials
* - Commenting the programming of the GEOframe-ET
* - The Java REPL
* - A little on Java Modules in Java 9
*- Setting the continuous integration in GIT (using Travis)

The source code is available for download to from GitHub.


Please go to this blogpost.

^* - From the links you can quite understand the I rely very much on Lars Vogel site for the basic stuff. It is not obviously the only good resource available (stackoverflow is another one, for instance, and many others will be addressed).