Monday, May 15, 2023

A talk on how plants eat the Sun

 Tomorrow, for the "23rd International Day of Light" I am giving a talk about how through the photosynthesis plants take water and carbon dioxide to produce oxygen and carbohydrates (lignin and other stuff).  The title was kind of suggested by a book by Oliver Morton of about the same name

Slides and talk are in Italian but I will provide soon an English version of it. By clicking on the figure, please find the presentation pdf. 

Friday, May 12, 2023

Attacking the issue of hydrological scales within GEOframe

 How to face the scale problems in GEOframe. Daniele Andreis is giving his answer by using the capabilities of the GEOframe system.  His approach is simple. Taken a catchment subdividing further the HRUs (with an appropriate software component) in smaller HRUs you are able to run a GEOframe modelling solution to the larger catchment (if required)  with a specific catchment refined and then you can compare the models parameters of the refined solutions with the coarser one. (That's actually not really  done yet ;-)). 

What you see in this poster is the preliminary work where you can notice a couple of nice features: the time series of the monthly, daily and hourly water budget which is unusual to find and the comparison of a neutron probe signal with the simulated root zone water content. The signal are clearly correlated and this can be though as an indirect assessment of the GEOframe modeling solution chosen and let's hope that we can actually calibrate somewhat the root zone parameters with the neutron probe. Clicking on the above figure, please find a larger figure of the poster,