Friday, May 20, 2022


 This is the presentation I will give at EGU. It follows the paper and our work on Digital Twins of eArTh Hydrology (DARTH) which had quite a few posts recently. 

The focus, however, will be especially on the last slides, dedicated to show a couple of features that illustrate an enabling technology that allows a participatory contribution.  A longer presentation and video on DARTHs is also available.

Our group @egu2022 .... Things not to miss !

Monday  23

EGU22-2878 Assessing the ability GEOframe modeling system for water budget analysis of a challenging karst basin in the Apennines chains, Central Italy, Shima Azimi, Christian Massari, Giuseppe Formetta, Silvia Barbetta, Alberto Tazioli, Davide Fronzi, Sara Modanesi, Angelica Tarpanelli, and Riccardo Rigon Mon, 23 May, 17:49–17:56 Room L2

Tuesday  24

EOS4.3 Session The evolving open-science landscape in geosciences: open data, software, publications and community initiatives Presentations , Tue, 24 May, 10:20–11:35 (CEST) Room 1.14
Convener: Remko C. Nijzink | Co-conveners: Jamie Farquharson,  Riccardo Rigon, Stan Schymanski  

Tue, 24 May, 10:25–10:30 Room 1.14 
Participatory Digital Earth Twin Hydrology systems (DARTHs) for everyone: a blueprint for hydrologists
Riccardo Rigon, Giuseppe Formetta, Marialaura Bancheri, Niccolò Tubini, Concetta D'Amato, Olaf David, and Christian Massari (Slides, Long Video)

EGU22-12561 |  Modeling the hydrological cycle of the Adige using the GEOframe system
Martin Morlot, Riccardo Rigon, and Giuseppe Formetta
Tue, 24 May, 16:04–16:10 Room B (Slides)

EGU22-10582 | A Novel Approach to Estimate Snowfall over an Alpine Terrain via the Assimilation of Sentinel-1 Snow Depth Observations
Manuela Girotto, Giuseppe Formetta, Shima Azimi, Sara Modanesi, Gabrielle De Lannoy, Hans Lievens, Riccardo Rigon, and Christian Massari
Tue, 24 May, 11:23–11:30 Room B (Slides) 

Wednesday  25

EGU22-12562 | Hydrological modeling and water budget quantification of the Po river basin through the GEOframe system
Gaia Roati, Giuseppe Formetta, Silvano Pecora, Marco Brian, Riccardo Rigon, and Hervè Stevenin
Wed, 25 May, 17:38–17:45 Room B (Slides, Video)
EGU22-9284 |
The GEOframe Soil Plant Atmosphere Continuum Estimator (GEOSPACE) to investigate the vadose zone processes, Concetta D'Amato, Niccolò Tubini, Paolo Benettin, Andrea Rinaldo, and Riccardo Rigon
Wed, 25 May, 17:59–18:06 Room L2, (Slides, Video)

The Usak group is also @ EGU:

Bristol group is here:

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

The material of the GEOframe Summer School (Installations and Informatics plus something about radiation)

The first part of the GEOframe Summer School 2022 is just terminated today (but the students are busily working around the World).  For the distracted, the topic of the Summer Schools are Soil-Plants-Atmosphere interactions. 

Fine Art Photo by Luca Chisté (

All the material can be found  on the GEOframe blog, following this link. All the videos (29! are on this Vimeo Showcase). Because we uploaded all the material, the inattentive readers or the latecomers can retrieve all the information that will be necessary to follow the second part that will be in the week between the 13nth and the 18nth of June. 

Ideas for a class on Irrigation and Related Issues

 Between the foreseen duties for the next Academic year, there is the possibility that I and collaborators teach in a class for the Agrifood Innovation Management. The topic will browse around the irrigation issues with some practical examples. Here below a first synthesis of what we could cover.

By clicking on the image, please find my presentation pdf.  The Video of the talk instead is on Vimeo here.