Monday, March 14, 2022

Nature-based Solutions for climate adaptation and flood resilience Modelling and Data available for an optimal Water Management and Nature-Based Solution implementation

I was involved in discussing and supporting the search for Nature Based Solution in the Samaria Park in Crete by TAIEX.  With my talk I tried to refocus on some aspects: 

  • We have to understand which is the Nature we have to deal with
  • We have to understand Phenomena we want  to contain

In order to answer these questions we need data, and I dealt with some of the data requirements for solving hydrological problems. Collecting data and making them available is a relatively less expansive action than doing work and can save a lot of efforts and money.  Furthermore there are social aspects of the question that cannot be overlooked. We made the experience of LIFE FRANCA that opened our view on this this topic. Clicking on the figure above, please find the presentation. At least, I think it is a nice overview covering some recent studies on the island. From them you can have more detailed information. 

Other presentation and information can be found at the TAIEX website.

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