Tuesday, June 15, 2021

How CO2 and H2O Flux Mesurements have contributed to our understanding of Global Change Biology

 Dennis Baldocchi (GS) is a myth for me, for his knowledge of the processes and issues related to the soil atmosphere interactions, for the wide range of materials he shared with the community and for his efforts in the FLUXNET. So it was a great pleasure when I heard that he accepted to give a talk to our class (held by Mirco Rodeghiero, GS) "Biosphere Atmosphere and Climate Interactions" of the Master in Environmental Meteorology. His talk was very dense and illuminating and, fortunately, he agreed with us to share the videos that are presented here below.

The talk is very dense of suggestion, rich of references and knowledge of the physics of the field and good food for thinking for all of us.  Please find below, the video of the talk and the discussion that followed. 

  • The  talk (Vimeo)
  • The Discussion (Vimeo)

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