Thursday, May 13, 2021

Evaporation and Transpiration

 Evaporation and transpiration are the topics more discussed in this blog, due to the interests I grew in the last few years (almost without publishing). However, I believe I collected enough information to be able to summarize a new view on these processes. Certainly shared with others, but not so widely shared, and not already present in other posts of this blog. In this presentation, that I shrinked in less than half an hour, I tried to summarize part of my current knowledge. For complimentary information, please see the lectures I gave at the GEOframe Winter School, or during the class of hydrology I do

The main result are a complete understanding of what the Penman-Monteith approach is, and that soil evaporation and transpiration can be differentiated from  the computational point of view because of the different dynamics of their energy and water budgets.

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