Friday, October 9, 2020

Introducing the Extended Petri Net using an example

 This is, in my intention, gentle introduction to the Extended Petri Net on which we wrote a paper recently. That is the definitive reference on the topic. However, a presentation  can smooth out some difficulties that the constraint a paper imposes do not allow. So, below, please find the presentation, bu clicking on the Figure. 

The same material was presented elsewhere in a more compressed form but here, it was expanded to make it more understandable. The presentation is live on my VIMEO channel and if you have half of an hour you can follow it. 

I hope you enjoy it. EPN are not only a clear representation for hydrological and, in general, compartmental model of the water budget but, also, van be use to represent any compartmental model and can become a "lingua franca" for who analyzes and implement models.

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