Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A field trip to Posina catchment

Since a couple of years we started to work on modelling Posina catchment in the Italian pre-alpine area. There University of Padua colleagues, Marco Borga heading the group, started hydrological measurements since many years. Posina is a small catchment (116 km$^{2}$) located in the Alpine foothills of the Veneto Region in Italy. The elevation difference of the basin is 1820 meters. The climate is characterised as wet, with annual precipitation of 1,645 mm and annual runoff of 1000 mm. For a detailed report on its hydrological budget please see Abera's et al. paper.
Finally we had the occasion to visit it with Marco Borga himself and Giulia Zuecco on March 22 afternoon. Please here below find a photographic synthesis with  some comment.

1 - The position of the gauge station at the Stancari outlet.
2 - A view of the position of Bazzoni gauge position.
3 - A view of the Ressi sub-catchment top with a few of the buckets
4 -A more panoramic view (was not a sunny day)
5 - A panorama view with Giulia, Marco and Marialaura from left to right.
6 - Going inside the catchment, to explore these channels (?) or hollow. Soil depth is not very large here. Many trees just did not succeeded to stay still due to the limited roots development. Here and there the bedrock outcrops, but in other position, especially in the concave parts, soil seems to be deeper. 
7 - Here the bedrock channel is visible. We can see also the soil section with the roots of the tree in the foreground.
8 - The V-shaped weir where discharge and water level is measured
9 - The water sampler to do isotopes estimations
10 - A view of the sampler - weir area from below. Please observe the big fallen tree that just slightly touched the box with the sampler when falling. 
11- The throughfall measurement site. 500 hundred buckets for 500 hundred square meters
12 - The stemflow measurements 
It was a nice a pleasant trip! We hope to continue the collaboration further. 


  1. It is not fair to have this trip without me!

  2. That's true Wuletawu. Next time you will be in Italy will do it.