Wednesday, December 16, 2015

An overview of my research and my future envisioned work. My professorship talk

I was finally asked to do this talk, that cover my research experience, for my Full Professor appointment here at the Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Department of the University of Trento.  This the abstract:
In this talk I will cover, in brief, my last 25  years of research through my main contribution in surface hydrology, river network evolution, hyperresolution and travel-time modelling of hydrological processes, hydroinformatics. Life means “my academic life” but also some recent orientation I am taking to model the non linear interactions in the water cycle. These include plants and ecosystems, which I believe will be my next research objectives, which I will pursue with the use of my model infrastructure, based on evolving  GEOtop and JGrass-NewAGE.  I will talk a little, maybe, of thermodynamics,  hydro-informatics, and optimisation principles in natural processes (I see that I do not have a post, on this, I will do it). A little on Cryosphere processes will not be absent.

Clicking on the Figure, you will be linked to the slides of my talks (with links to literature). The talk, unfortunately is in Italian: but the slides are in English. Below, please find the youtube.

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