Saturday, September 19, 2015

Soil in art

I used some soilscapes by Jay Stratton Noller as cover of some of my slides, meaning that soils can be the object of some artistic research. A papaer was recently brought to my attention from the GeoLog blog .

This is published in the EGU journal Soil, and was written by C. Feller, E. R. Landa, A. Toland, and G. Wessolek. The blog and the paper have also the merit also to give an author name to the very beatiful figure above, which I use in my slides, when I tal about soils, but I did not know to whom give attribution. Now I know that it was published first in Walter Kubiena’s textbook. Landa and Feller also edited a book on soil and culture (pretty expensive indeed).


Feller, C., Landa, E. R., Toland, A., and Wessolek, G.: Case studies of soil in art, SOIL, 1, 543-559, doi:10.5194/soil-1-543-2015, 2015.

Kubiena, W. L.: Bestimmungsbuch und Systematik der Boden Europas (The soils of Europe), Ferdinand Enke Verlag, Stuttgart, 392 pp., 1953.

Landa, E. and Feller, C. (Eds.),  Soil and Culture, Springer, 2010

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