Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Five steps into Reproducible Research

I am worried about Wuletawu being worried about the steep path in doing reproducible research. However,  taking inspiration from Tim-Berners Lee  five star/steps into open data I tried to implement a similar five steps sequence for RR:

@ Do not wait! Make your stuff available on the Web (whatever format) under an open license^1.

@@  Make it available with documentation (e.g. a README file for any data set and for any model)

@@@ Provide examples of runs, and give some reference. Structure your documentation. Include figures and their making. 

@@@@ Use URLs and providers like Github to store code and data, so people can point at your stuff, and browse it freely^2

@@@@@ Maintain a user group (and answer to questions when asked). Provide any run you do on the web with the appropriate metadata^3,4. 

Then you start to be a professional  of RR and you can face more complex task, and using structured tools like those presented in the COURSERA classes brought to my attention by Wuletawu.

1- Same as Tim Berners-Lee - Waiting to have it in better shape will delays the publication forever, and your contribution will be lost (like tears in rain).  
2 - Almost the same as in Tim Berners-Lee

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