Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A school to learn how to model with the Object Modelling System version 3

It will be held in Trento (Italy)  between the 14 and 18 (both included) of october 2013.
The school is the first of a cycle of high educational courses focusing on the hydrologic and environmental modeling by using Object Modeling System (OMS). OMS, a pure Java, object-oriented modeling framework., allows model construction and model application based on components.
Information about the system can be found at the OMS site, and in previous postings of this blog.

The school is dedicated to young Professors, Researchers, Post Docs, PhD students, and environmental modellers (but gifted Master Students are also welcome to apply) and it is organised in 5 days of lessons and working groups.

Lecturers of the School will be:

Dr. Olaf David (Colorado State University, US)
Dr. Giuseppe Formetta (Università della Calabria)
Dr. Timothy Green (USDA Agricultural Research Service, US)
Dr. Gabriella Turek (NIWA, New Zealand

The number of participants will be limited to twenty (20) due to the intention of the organisers that the school will  be effective (our scope is that the participants could be able, at the end of the school, to program their own OMS component). 

Software Prerequisites: JDK 1.6, gcc, installed on personal notebooks (we also provide lab computers with the software pre-installed): no time will be lost for installations.

The course is not intended to teach Java (neither C or FORTRAN, indeed). Therefore the applicants should specify in their CV their level (at least basic) of knowledge of the language (by saying what they actually did).  Furthermore, application should include a simple statement declaring why the applicant is interested in being considered for admission to the Summer School. The interest for porting a hydrological model or a modeling component (either in Java, C/C++ or FORTRAN) to OMS will be considered as a title of merit for the admission.  Every applicant must provide his/her contact information: email address, telephone, and mailing address. 

NEW: the material of the school can be found  here. And here you can find the videos.

Application should be sent to:


Deadline for applications is September 13.

The schematic schedule of the school is:

The Flyer of the school can be downloaded here. The material of the school can be found instead here.

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