Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ezio Todini 70th Symposium: my talk

Please you will find below the picture (click on it!) the presentation I will give the 6th of June in Bologna to mark the 70th birthday of Prof. Ezio Todini. I will say things that I already said in different contexts. However, reading them in this form can help to understand them more.
Ezio did a lot of interesting works on rainfall runoff modelling, starting from the Arno model, that can be considered a milestone in the field and Topkapi, his distributed hydrological model. He contributed also to data assimilation, models calibration, time series analysis, and I will dedicate a post in a few day to him and to his most important papers.

Below you can find also the link to our posters about:
The topics of the first poster where already covered in various posts. The second poster covers the same topics of the paper for the Hydrology days conference.

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