Tuesday, February 15, 2022

The Hydrological Modelling Class 2022 - The Lab

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2021-02-24 - Installations - For the Installation go to this GEOframe page and install all what required.
We are also going to install the Horton Machine toolbox

For Italian speakers, they can also give a look do not miss the occasion to listen to Concetta D'Amato introducing installations in Italian:
OMS and GEOframe:

Basic information for who has never seen OMS and GEOframe: an introduction to the GEOframe/OMS3 system
 QGIS & Other Info 
2022-03-03 - Starting to work with the Object Modelling System
  • Material of the class and presentations can be found here. Please download them before the class
  • Running the Hello World program as an Object Modelling System Component (Vimeo 2022)
  • Reading an OMS file (Vimeo 2022)
  • Running a simple example (a tank model) that uses more than one component 
  • The extraction of river network with the Horton Machine Tools (Vimeo2022)          
Michele Vettorazzi, Environmental Engineer and Photographer

2022-03-11 - GEOmorphology part III - The delineation of river basins (Vimeo2022)

Optional/Alternative Material - Some elaboration of DEMs with with the Horton Machine Toolbox
The Horton Machine Toolbox offers an alternative interface to the same tools seen previously. For some purposes it can be more simple than using the .sim files. 
2022-03-24 - Rainfall Analysis with PANDAS (Vimeo2022)

2022-03-31/2022-04-01 - Preparing time series for GEOframe and analyzing them
  • Preparing a time series in OMS3 csv format (Vimeo2022)
  • Analyzing discharges with Jupyter and Python  (Vimeo2022)
  • Analyzing temperatures with Jupyter and Python  (Vimeo2022)
2022-05-19/20 - Kriging
2022-05-25 - Kriging - II
  After all radiation moves it all

2022-06-08 - Running  GEOframe-NewAGE 
  • Setup of GEOframe-NewAGE (Vimeo2022)
  • How works the workflow in GEOframe-NewAGE, Net3 (Vimeo2022)
  • Evapotraspiration for GEOframe-NewAGE (Vimeo2022)
  • How to prepare a run with a simple reservoir for any HRU with GEOframe (Vimeo2022)
  • The Notebook (Vimeo2022)

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