Monday, March 20, 2023

The Hydrology Class - The lab



The lab is almost half of the class. According to the motto "learning by doing" it covers at least three numerical experiments:

  • The estimation of the Intensity-Duration-Frequency curves
  • A few experiments with infiltration
  • A few experiments with evaporation and transpiration 
Please find below
Videos and material are  indicated singularly below.

2023-03-20 Introduction to working with Jupyter and Notebooks
    • Counting the events and producing their empirical statistics (Vimeo2022)
2023 - 03 - 27/28
Interpolating the Gumbel distribution to annual precipitation maxima
  • Introduction to the Object Modelling System and its Console (Vimeo2023)
  • Creation of the WHETGEO - 1D Grid (Vimeo2023)
  • Introduction to WHETGEO - 1D (Vimeo2023)
2023-05-29/ 2023-06-30
  • How to run WHETGEO-1D  (Vimeo 2023)
  • How to visualize the outputs of WHETGEO (Vimeo2023)
  • How to format and Create time series (Vimeo2023)
  • Estimating radiation in GEOframe (Vimeo2023)
  • The estimation of the transpiration stress factors (Vimeo2023)
  • The estimation of the evapotranspiration with the Priestley-Taylor formula (Vimeo2023)
  • The estimation of the evapotranspiration with the Penman-FAO formula (Vimeo2023)

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  1. Buonasera prof, vorrei segnalarle che nel file 'PluviometriaPaperopoli_4.txt', per gli anni 1955 (indice 20) e 1960 (indice 25), sono riscontrabili valori incoerenti nella colonna '3h'. Cordiali saluti