Thursday, August 9, 2018

Looking for financial support of a valuable research (to whom it may concern)

It happens that I browsed the presentation reporting about your flood initiative and asking for collaboration. I am a professor in hydrology and I am interested. 

During the last years, in collaboration with Dr Olaf David of Colorado State University, we worked to implement an infrastructure, called GEOframe upon the framework offered by the Object Modelling System (OMS) and the Cloud Service Integration platform ( CSIP) platform. GEOframe tools are  devoted to forecast floods, droughts, snow cover and any component of the hydrological cycle in a flexible, maintainable, expandable platform.

My efforts on flood forecasting (and this link too) brought to both theoretical and applicative achievements. The latter came through the implementation, since more than a decade ago of the various systems used by the Province of Trento for its purposes, and recently to the implementation of a system for the Civil protection of Regione Basilicata

Academic achievements include works on small catchments and large catchments with various uses of remote sensed data. My former student Giuseppe Formetta (GS), now working at CEH at Wallingfort, (actually on-leave at JRC for this year) is applying an early version of our system to the Khrisna river in India. 

The current system, using the analogy of the river network, schematises a catchments as a graph and implements such informatics that allows the run in parallel of subcatchments, separate calibration in preparatory phases and their assemblage a-posteriori  (Net3). 
My Ph.D. student, Francesco Serafin (graduating in Spring 2019), besides Net3, enhanced the OMS console by allowing binding OMS compliant components (written in Java, C++ or FORTRAN) with Python and R codes, getting, at the end, a very flexible system.

Therefore, I think I can be useful for the project and I would very appreciate if we can establish some collaboration. 

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