Thursday, March 19, 2015

GEOframe-NewAGE essentials

GEOframe is a system for doing hydrology by computer. By saying that it is a system, we emphasize that it is not a model but an infrastructure that can contain many differentiated modelling solutions (some tens of that) that are built upon models components. This is because GEOframe leverage on the Object Modelling system-framework (v3) that allows to connect modelling components to solve a specific hydrological issue together and having many alternative for its mathematical/numerical description. This infrastructure allows adapting the tools to the problems and not viceversa. In GEOframe particular attention has been dedicated to allow enhancements and additions writing the less code possible. The core code has been designed to open to addition and closed to modifications, thus allowing stability over time.  The systems contains tens of components that cover rainfall-runoff, evaporation, transpiration, infiltration, terrain analysis tools, interpolation models, calibrations tools, and so on. Every modelling paradigm is included, as, for instance process based modelling, lumped modelling, machine learning, or can be included. Spatially disjoint catchments can be modelled separately and joined together in a bigger model. GEOframe has been applied to hydrological simulations from the point scale to large catchments as the Blue Nile, and among those is being deployed to the Po river. GEOframe is open source and built with open source tools.

So where to start, when you want to know something about this system ? 

A good reading is for sure, the history of JGrass-NewAGE.  The second step is giving a look to the papers at in the three references here following their order.

JGrass-NewAGE was recently renamed GEOframe-NewAGE when the Jgrasstools were renamed Horton Machine because we were tired of people by the GRASS community to complain about the use of the GRASS name.

Finally browsing the rest of the posts, and the rest of references you find would complete the task.
For the documentation of software modules (which includes test file), please also refer to the GEOframe blog.

However, the most comprehensive treatment of the system is now the material on the Winter Schools. 

Codes can be found at the GEOframe repository.
NewAGE users can send inquiries at
NewAGE developers discussions happen at


1 - Formetta G., Antonello A., Franceschi S., David O., and Rigon R., Hydrological modelling with components: A GIS-based open-source framework, Environmental Modelling & Software, 5 (2014), 190-200

2 - Formetta, G.; Mantilla, R.; Franceschi, S., Antonello A., Rigon R., The JGrass- NewAge system for forecasting and managing the hydrological budgets at the basin scale: models of flow generation and propagation/routing, Geoscientific Model Development Volume: 4 Issue: 4 Pages: 943-955, DOI: 10.5194/gmd-4- 943-201, 2011 

3 - Bancheri, M., A flexible approach to the extimation of water budgets and its connection to the travel time theory, Ph.S. Dissertation, 2017

All the other publications can be found here.

GEOframe-NewAGE can be fully integrated with the GEOframe-SPACE (Soil, Plant, Atmosphere Continuum Estimator), the process-based (in the sense of Fatichi et al., 2016) set of tools in GEOframe

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