Monday, February 26, 2018

Python general resources (for Hydrologists) to start with

There are a lot of resources to start with python, but for hydrologists, but here I tried, at least at the beginning, a list of readings to be quickly operative.
Igor Bobriakov gives in his blog a nice review of the main libraries used nowadays. Useful to have a bird view on them.

Other resources can be:
For who loves more traditional approaches than Notebooks and require a ”books like” approach, maybe because it happens that they never programmed before, the first information is the Python site itself. Its Italian counterpart is here.

  • They suggests Dive into Python (EN, IT) as a good starting book, and I think it is
  • Python Crash course is also a traditional type of book that covers all the traditional element of programming. It is certainly a good book but I would say that its approach does not cope exactly with the modern ‘hip’ approach that a scientist has when using python with more high level infrastructures as Pandas (and partially Numpy and Scipy are) which, for instance often do not require to explicit iterations with “for” loops. 
  • Think Python (EN, IT) is also an alternative to previous books
  • A little different is Thinking in Python, because it is oriented to introduce topics of object oriented (OO) programming which are not usually covered in elementary programming books. Even if OO at its core is to get used to design patterns.
Specifically for hydrologists, but maybe a little obsolete, are:

with a preference for the first one.

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