Sunday, March 5, 2023

The DICAM-EXC Hydrological day

 As a conclusion of what done for the DICAM  excellence project we organized half a day of seminars. As keynote speaker we invited Andrea Rinaldo (GS), one of our mentors, who gave a keynote talk entitled "Reflected In Water". 

The contribution by Andrea was followed by the talk given by Giuseppe Formetta (GS) who was hired upon financial support of the project and presented his research activities. His talk was: Modeling multiple natural hazards with the GEOframe system in the Trentino Alto-Adige region (Video). 

Finally we had contributions from the three doctoral students also hired on the project, 

  • Concetta D'Amato, Steps toward a comprehensive treatment of the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum: the GEOSPACE model.
  • Maria Grazia Zanoni, Machine Learning for predicting and mapping hydrological and environmental variables.
  • Nerea Karmele Portilo de Alberoa. Microplastics in Riverine Systems: A Network-Based Model for Transport and Fate
Here please find the talk of Concetta D'Amato

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