Sunday, November 6, 2022

(Inter)active WHETGEO 2D Poster for the Italian Hydrological Meeting 2022 in Genova (Italy)

Because I am usually bored of repeating things, I tried here to renovate the poster experience. The poster itself can be done much more attractively, I guess. However, I added several QR codes that send the reader to videos which comment any part of it.  These videos, in turn are part of a presentation that is also included below.  The poster is intended to illustrate the content of research work and implementation that is currently in a pre-print form, submitted to the Environmental Modelling and Software journal (available at the previous link). 

  • The poster itself is here.
  • The presentation that explains the poster is here. 
  • The videos showcase is here.
The good of the poster experience is that if you resolve the QR codes with a mobile you have right away the video explanations. 

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