Monday, August 29, 2022

Just questions on celerity

 “Celerity, broadly speaking, is the rate additional potential energy supplied by water inputs propagates through the landscape and ultimately does the work of mobilizing water into the stream and out of the watershed. Thus, celerity determines how quickly the stream responds to the storm and how long it takes for discharge to decline after the storm. Velocity, on the other hand, determines how long it takes water molecules to traverse the watershed and so controls the age composition of discharge.” (Harman, 2019).

However, in Richardson-Richards equation, celerity and velocity are tightly connected by the soil water retention curves. So much water, so much pressure. Therefore:

Are SWRc to be modified to account for pressure transmission through the medium ? No pressure transmission is allowed in vadose water phase discontinuous medium ? Pressure transmission is possible only in saturated soil ?


Harman, C. J. 2019. “Age ranked Storage discharge Relations: A Unified Description of Spatially Lumped Flow and Water Age in Hydrologic Systems.” Water Resources Research 55 (8): 7143–65.

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