Friday, August 22, 2014

A little bridge between JGrasstools and R

I receive from Emanuele Cordano, and I publish, knowing that is of interest to many:

"Dear all, 

some months ago I developed a R package on github which allows to execute some classes of jgrasstools from R.  I did it because I needed to do hydro-geormorphological analysis with R rasters maps. It is quite trivial. The package creates a groovy script file from a R S3 object and then executes the script. 

The R code is here on Github with GPL license: 

It also contains a jar of jgrasstools or they can be complied and downloaded from github.  It needs that groovy is previously installed. 
The code is now experimental and needs more testing.   The examples are limited to geomorphological analysis and basin extraction. 
In the next months I'm going to continue the development and to perform the documentation and the examples. 
I would like to share this experimental R package with those who are potentially interested. 

Any feedback is appreciated and please let me know if you know something similar already existing. 


Emanuele Cordano

Who wants more information about the JGrasstools, could browse this link, and for knowing more about  to geomorphological analysis (he can get a quite comprehensive set of slides in Italian here, and, a less comprehensive introduction in English here).

The link is also added to the main R hydrological resources post.

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