Friday, December 21, 2012

The Boussinesq equation paper

Finally, after a long story (see the submission post) the paper on Boussinesq equation integration was accepted by Water Resources Research.  In the revision phase it was asked to add further comparison of the model with a model solving Richards equations.  We chose, for our comparison, and, a-posteriori , the choice was quite obvious, the model GEOtop.  Emanuele Cordano and I believe that the new added section could be quite interesting for understanding some characteristics of infiltration at hillslope scale.

To read the preprint, please follows the link. The code and documentation is available from the Boussinesq site. However, a more recent version, in Java and OMS compliant is also available at Github, after the joint work of Francesco Serafin (here) and Giuseppe Formetta.


  1. Re 'To read the preprint, please follows the link'.

    Link is not operational

  2. The paper is now published and is available on

  3. The published paper is available on