Thursday, March 15, 2012

Snow Maps from GEOtop

Arpa Veneto (ARPAV), and Mountaineering s.r.l. a company founded by some of my former students have started an innovative service where our model GEOtop is used together with MeteoIO to produce snow maps.  Precisely maps of snow water equivalent, and snow height, at any the desired time step.  The overall product was named SnowMaps.

ARPAV provides the forcing hydrometeorological data, and  Mountain-eering  performs the simulations and produces the maps. In this first phase of the project maps are given any fifteen days. Only the last maps produced are available on-line, while older data can be requested from the Centro Valanghe di Arabba. Other institutions offer this kind service in the world, however, to our knowledge, if the first time that the product is given on a basis of a physical model.

The maps of snow height cover:
  • The whole Veneto
  • Comelico-Val d’Ansiei
  • Ampezzo
  • Cadore
  • Agordino-Zoldano
  • Alpago 
  • Prealpi bellunesi
  • Prealpi vicentine
  • Prealpi veronesi
and can be found here (click on vai alla mappa for the latest maps).  Reference in Eblish on GEOtop 2.0 used for these maps can be found in another post, or, in Italian, here.

The resolution of the maps is 250 meters.

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