Friday, August 26, 2011

A new version of GEOtop with a Draft User Manual available

Dear all,

we have updated GEOtop to the milestone version 1.45.

It is the result of the great effort of Stefano Endrizzi and Stephan
Gruber by the University of Zurich.

This new version includes:
- simplified I/O based on keywords
- other important debugged problems
The version is positioned in the trunk of the SVN in Bozen/Bolzano:

Furthermore, the draft version of the USERS MANUAL is ready to be
downloaded from the link:
Please let me know your comments on the manual in order to improve the
final version.

For who who did not read previous post about, GEOtop is a process-based hydrological models that, given the meteorological data and soil parameters in input, allows to know in
each point of the domain and in each time step:

the evaporation of the soil
the transpiration of the vegetation
the radiation and energy fluxes at the Earth surface
the pore water pressure in the soil
the water-table movements in saturated zone
the water discharge in an outlet
the temperature and ice content in the soil
the height and density of the snow
the mass balance of a glacier

Furthermore, thanks to the post-process software GEOtopFS (GEOtop
Factor of Safety), it calculates:

the dynamic probability of slope instability during a precipitation

The wiki-page is not completely up-to-date. But we are working to get it ready.

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