Friday, March 11, 2011

MORFEO project meeting

The Morfeo project aimed at exploiting the remote sensing techniques for revealing various types of landslides, and built some almost operational tools for doing it. We had the closure of the project last tuesday and wednesday in Rome. We, together with the group of University of Bologna, lead by Enzo Farabegoli, worked on three Alpine catchments in three years of intense field work (Farabegoli), and computer work (us). Farabegoli provides very detailed field data, that could subsequently be used for driving GEOtop simulations. Remote sensing and field survey (see picture below, derived from GEOEye at 50 cm of resolution) were used ti derive, for instance, land use.

Trento's work (especially Mountain-eering) was to use all the information available to get a probabilistic forecasting of hillslope stability based on the methods described in Simoni et al., 2008.

Besides, we produce a working infrastructure around GEOtop to store environmental data (in Postgre-PostGIS plus Ramadda), visualizing them and use them for simulations, finally stored back in the database. A synthetic overview of the results can be found in the
very short overview I did in Rome.

The project is finished but actually some years will be necessary to properly use all the data collected.

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