Friday, December 18, 2020

Lysimiter GEO - Webinar I

 Land-Vegetation-Atmosphere interactions are an exciting field of Hydrology. Within our system GEOframe, one branch of work is improving the physics of GEOtop and this talk shows some of the work we made to this goal. Lysimiter GEO builds a virtual lysimiter and modeling infiltration and energy transfer in soil and evaporation and transpiration. The infiltration is modeled by the component WHETGEO 1D (Water, HEat and Transport in GEOframe) that integrates the 1D Richards developed by Niccolò Tubini. The evaporation and Transpiration are modeled by the GEOframe component Prospero  developed by Michele Bottazzi  in his Ph.D. Thesis.  Lysimeter GEO, however, was completed by Concetta D'Amato who is pursuing her Ph.D. on these topics within the PRIN project WATZON.By clicking on the Figure below you can access the slides. 

If you want to run Lysimeter GEO, you have first to install the GEOframe 2021 environment.  Here below, please find the video of the talk.  The OMS project for all the run can be found on OSF here

The second webinar containing an exercise did step by step is in this new post. 

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