Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Topics and concepts Titus Brown is excited about

This is kind of easy for me. Taking Titus Brown's (GS) post from my blogroll, and addressing my readers to it. He is writing about open science and research reproducibility. His guidelines for his lab are also an effort worth to read for my students.

You better go directly to his blogpost to read it, but let me summarise the topics he covered for a minimum of information.

1. The wonderful ongoing discussion around significance and reproducibility.

2. Blogging as a way to explore issues without prior approval from Top People.

3. Open source as a model for open science.

4. Computational narratives as the engine of collaborative data science.

5. mybinder: deploy running Jupyter Notebooks from GitHub repos in Docker containers

6. Overlay journals.

7. Bjorn Brembs.

8. Idea futures or prediction markets.

9. Open peer review by a selected papers network.

10. A call to arms: make outbreak research open access.

You have just to click on the link to get it.

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