Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Networks are pervasive in our world and represent often the way energy is dissipated from large to small scale. I have some past in the topics, especially if we look at river networks, for which a all-time reference is Rodriguez-Iturbe and Rinaldo book.
The news is that my research on networks could have some future. We are using networks for commanding our JGrass-NewAGE model, but with the idea that we can, by means of a chain of models, follow energy dissipation across the hydrological cycle.

John Baez  works on the mathematical theory of networks, seen under different perspectives. His blog, Azimuth, is a source of really exciting ideas brought with extreme competence and he and coworkers have interest in networks. This blog post is to bring attention  his page on network theory which is a huge font of information to be read.

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