Saturday, April 30, 2016

Wuletawu's Abera Ph.D. defense

This illustrate the long and detailed work of Wuletawu Abera during his Ph.D. His topic was modelling the whole hydrological cycle, meaning, all the components together with JGrass-NewAGE. 

In order to do this, he had to line up several tools, partition the basins, interpolate meteorological data, to go crazy when the data were not available. Calibrate the submodels, each one by each one with available data; doing educated guesses, when any other option was inexistent. He introduces the use of satellite data in JGrass-NewAGE, and, I think, he did it well.  He never gave up when I bother him. And I think he did a god job. Click on the Figure above to access his presentation. His thesis is available upon request to the Author wuletawu979  <AT >
Wuletawu maintains his own blog where you can find his thoughts and achievements.

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