Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Earth Science Lectures at ICTP

ICTP stands for International Center for Theoretical Physics. The school is warranty of extremely high quality both in teaching and research. Looking at their product Eya for my using it in my classes, I saw their courses Tv. Among the many interesting things, to watch, there is a complete course on the Earth System that could be of interest also for hydrologist.  They derive from the


They say: "Disclaimer: ICTP publishes these lectures on the web and distribute them in digital form only for educational purposes. It will not endorse or sponsor any commercial product, service or activity, and does not permit the recorded material to be used for commercial purposes.
For more information about the courses, including the schedule of lessons, please visit the website of the ICTP Postgraduate Diploma Programme. "

Here they are the available topics for the Academic year 2014/2015

Mathematical Methods
(recorded hours: 12)
Mathematical Methods II
(recorded hours: 10)
Earth System Dynamics and Modelling I-II
(recorded hours: 48)
Wave Physics
(recorded hours: 24)
Earth System Thermodynamics
(recorded hours: 24)
Fluid Mechanics
(recorded hours: 24)
Physics of the Atmosphere
(recorded hours: 24)
Atmospheric Dynamics
(recorded hours: 24)
Physics of the Solid Earth
(recorded hours: 24)
Physics of the Oceans
(recorded hours: 20)
Space Geodesy and InSAR
(recorded hours: 24)
Theoretical Seismology
(recorded hours: 24)
Biogeochemical Cycles
(recorded hours: 28)
Observational and Computational Seismology
(recorded hours: 24)
Physics of Volcanoes
(recorded hours: 24)
Mechanics of Earthquakes and Tectonophysics
(recorded hours: 16)

(16 topics found, for a total of 374 hours)

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