Thursday, November 27, 2014

Ning Lu lectures on hillslope processes and (especially) stability, at the Summer School on Landslides

In 2013 University of Calabria organised a very interesting School on Landslide triggering (many thanks to Lino Versace, Giovanna Capparelli and Giuseppe Formetta).  I actually gave a hand to organised it, and  I also gave a lecture on Richards equation.  Waiting for the official post of the lectures at the school site (after which, I will remove my videos), I cannot wait anymore to have on-line the lectures by Ning Lu. He gave four talks taken out of his beautiful book, Hillslope Hydrology and Stability, written with Jonathan Godt, new coordinator of the USGS landslide hazards program, and former co-advisor of my Ph.D. student Silvia Simoni (her thesis here).  A must-watch for any guy in the field !

First talk: A brief conceptual history of soil hydrology and soil mechanics (from Chapter 6 of his book)

Third talk, part II: Hydro-mechanical properties of hillslopes (Chapter 8 of the book)

Fourth talk, part I: Failure surfaces  (Chapter 9 the book)

Fourth talk, part II: Field based stability analysis (Chapter 10 of his book)


  1. Hi, I would like to take a xourse like this one on hillslope hydrology and stability, do you know when and where is goin to happen a course? Thnaks so much for your help

    1. Dear Edler,

      organising such a school is not easy, but when we'll do it again, I let you know. Interesting for you, if you like this topic, is the LARAM school, held annually. You can find information here: