Friday, March 28, 2014

Flood Directive (2007/60 EU) Management Plans

Last Tuesday a workshop was held in Graz, organized by the PLANALP working group of the Alpine Convention to talk about the Flood Management Plans around the Alpine Areas (in agreemeent with the 2007/60 EC Directive, a.k.a. the Flood Directive). I represented the Italian position, by speaking of the experience of some regions, and this is what is contained in the presentation here. My synthesis is the following: i) management plans needs a infrastructures that make them work, which means appropriate investments in personnel, information to the public, and in risk analysis; ii) models can help (actually I think they are necessary) for any real-time operation; iii) The whole machinery needs years to be put properly in place; iv) the science behind risk analysis is imperfect and needs to be continued supported and improved.

Some EU projects had this management at their cores, as Kulturisk. Other countries position will be presented soon.

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