Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Eco-hydrology of semi-arid environments: Confronting Mathematical models with ecosystem complexity

In a chain search, regarding the previous post, I also find the videos of the above conference, held last may in Israel.  For who is interested in ecohydrology, is the occasion to listen to some of the protagonists of the revamp  of ecohydrology in the last decade.

The whole conference's videos were uploaded into the Youtube channel, EcoHydrologyConf.

The list of speakers includes : Ignacio Rodriguez-Iturbe (GS), Amilcare Porporato (GS), Paolo D'Odorico (GS), Marc Parlange (GS), Jeffrey McDonnell (GS), Dani Or (GS), and many others very good researchers. A must for who works in the field.  To access the video in order jump here.

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