Monday, November 28, 2011

Benchmark papers in Hydrology

Solicited by the request of a colleague, I started to to think which are the ten papers that most influenced my work as hydrologist. In the meantime I am thinking, I can point out the series that  Jeff McDonnell is editing a series for IAHS,  called Benchmark papers in Hydrology.

Actually, he is providing some of the papers from his website at OSU. Obviuously it would be nice to have, let say, the best historic 100 papers available. Let see what we can do.


  1. Wonderful, but I would think most students would not afford IAHS book price. Would it be better for them to release under a free license like EGU and the creator of this blog does?

  2. That is true. My personal opinion is the paper older that 30 years old should ne made freely available. On the other side any of such operations cost and there should be someone paying. When publishing on EGU journal the Authors pay. However decent University libraries (for which students pay tuition) have subscription to most of the journals where the best papers were published. In any case, many resources, legally or not, are available through internet (as can be seen from the blog page on historic papers), and many other will be for sure in future.